September 10th, 2009

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Moon, Elizabeth: Command Decision

Command Decision (2007)
Written by: Elizabeth Moon
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 364 (Mass Market Paperback)

The premise: for the fourth book in the series, I'm pulling from After orchestrating a galaxy-wide failure of the communications network owned and maintained by the powerful ISC corporation, Turek and his marauders strike swiftly and without mercy. First they shatter Vatta Transport. Then they overrun entire star systems, growing stronger and bolder. No one is safe from the pirate fleet. But while they continue to move forward with their diabolical plan, they have made two critical mistakes.

Their first mistake was killing Kylara Vatta’s family.
Their second mistake was leaving her alive.
Now Kylara is going to make them pay.

But with a “fleet” consisting of only three ships–including her flagship, the Vanguard, a souped-up merchant cruiser–Kylara needs allies, and fast. Because even though she possesses the same coveted communication technology as the enemy, she has nowhere near their numbers or firepower.

Meanwhile, as Kylara’s cousin Stella tries to bring together the shattered pieces of the family trading empire, new treachery is unfolding at ISC headquarters, where undercover agent Rafael Dunbarger, estranged son of the corporation’s CEO, is trying to learn why the damaged network is not beingrepaired. What he discovers will send shock waves across the galaxy and crashing into Kylara’s newly christened Space Defense Force at the worst possible moment.

My Rating

Worth the Cash: there's a part of me that wants to say the 4th book is the best so far, but that's because it really utilizes its cast to tell the bigger, more epic story. You really get to see how different pieces of the puzzle fit together and you really start to see a bigger picture in terms of story. Each POV character had an interesting storyline, but much of what made those storylines so interesting was the build-up from the three previous books. Still, I'm enjoying the series so far, and I've only got one book to go. I continue to be impressed with the cast of characters and how each character has a solid story and goal, and of course, the world-building continues to fascinate. Granted, I wouldn't recommend STARTING with this book--if you're interested, you MUST start with the first of the series, Trading in Danger, and work your way up. But it's worth it: the books seem to steadily improve with each volume, and that's always encouraging.

Review style: stream-of-conscious this time, because Moon's pretty consistent and I don't have a whole awful lot to say about this particular title. No spoilers. If you're interested, the link to my LJ is below. As always, comments and discussion are most welcome. :)


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ALSO: I've started a monthly book challenge at my LJ. September's theme is fantasy that takes place in an urban setting, which is not to be confused with the butt-kicking heroine Buffy-lit that's so popular right now. The book my readers chose was Emma Bull's War for the Oaks (1987), so if you're interested in participating, just click here for details!