May 20th, 2009


re: an introduction and plea...

By Robert Heinlein, in "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" If anyone knows of an earlier usage of a randomly occurring A.I. used as a pivotal character in a novel, or even short story that pre-dates this, please let me know.
 Please do not include A.I. that are created by man, or from "awakened" robots, as I feel this is a different story type as compared  to the naturally occurring development of sentience in a system not designed to house an intelligence.

Also, is any one aware of a site or resource where I could find all the currently accepted definitions of all the sub-genre's of science fiction? I am also looking for any examinations that may have been done of science fiction in the same manner that other more "serious" genre's have had done.
In example, Steinbeck has had many of his stories analyzed scrutinized, and torn down in to their various word usages, flow of conversation, and symbolism within the story as it relates to the human condition. I believe there are many science fiction authors worthy of the same examination. Has this been done? If so, where?

And lastly, I have an interest in reading science fiction from the late 50's to early 70's, and not just the best sellers. I'm looking for anyone who may have a penchant for these time periods, and may be able to turn me on to some of the less well known or prolific authors in those time periods.

A little to the point, rather than an introduction, but I think it serves both purposes without Taking too much of anyones time(I hope) Cheers!
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