February 24th, 2009

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Buckner, M.M.: War Surf

War Surf (2005)
Written by: M.M. Buckner
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 375

The premise: Nasir Deepra is a 248 year old execute whose one of the select few who rule 23 century Earth. He looks and acts nothing like an old man, and in order to make life actually INTERESTING after so many years, and he and friends "war surf," which means they sneak into a war zone, get involved in the scuffle and broadcast all of the footage on the net. But things change when Nasir becomes obsessed with a twenty-something year old woman named Sheeba. Just being around her makes him push all his limits and break all his rules, and soon he's going to break the biggest rule of all: to surf the orbiting satellite called Heaven, which is the most dangerous war surf of all, and where all of his secrets will be revealed if he isn't careful.

My Rating

Give It Away: which isn't an entirely fair rating, but I can't sit back and say it's worth the cash either. It's somewhere in the middle. I think it's because the story, in the end, is worth the time you put into the book: it's a fast read (sometimes the voice reminded me of Palahniuk, but that's sometimes, not often) and has some interesting ideas once you get to the meat of the plot, which is what's REALLY going on in the orbiting satellite of Heaven and how the narrator is involved. However, you've got your work cut out for you. Nasir's no picnic of a person, and he gets really annoying, really fast. Most of the characters do, but I find that's because the characters are all products of their world, rather than the "fault" of the author (though, I've not read anything else by the author, so maybe she DOES have characterization issues). This book also has a splash of Lolita which is evident in the voice and the narrator's obsession with Sheeba, but there's more to the book than that. It does take a while to get there though, so that's why a rating for this sucker really isn't clear-cut at all. I will, however, be more than happy to read more of Buckner's work, so that in and of itself should say something.

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